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Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance can vary from location to location, and from company to company. In general, basic policies involve the following: (some coverage may be optional or extra)

General coverage will cover most perils, including fire, and water damage (pipe damage). Personal property protection will cover your property against many types of losses, including the perils in your general mobile home coverage. Specifics will be found in your policy detail. Theft coverage will cover your personal property from burglary, as well as stolen financial items (credit cards, checks, and cash). Liability coverage protects your family and guests from bodily injury while on your property. Loss of use coverage will pay for expenses incurred while you are unable to live in your mobile home (food and lodging). Emergency removal will pay a specified amount towards the cost of removing your mobile home, in a case where it is required due to a loss covered by the company. An example is if your area becomes extremely flooded, and transport is necessary to save the home. If a total loss to your property and mobile home occurs, replacement cost will cover the expenses to repair or replace the loss (es). Again, specific amounts and limits vary with each policy and company. Trip/transport covers your home while it is in transit. Your individual needs will differ from another’s. Policy specifics, including limits, deductibles and premium will vary from person to person.

For more information contact the office of Midland State Farm Insurance Agent Karl Chew at 989 631-6471 or visit www.karlchew.com.

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