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The 13 Steps if an Accident Occurs

Unfortunately, bad things do happen, no matter how careful we are. Think through these 13 steps now. If a car accident happens, you'll know what to do.
  1. Promptly notify the police and call for an ambulance if anyone is hurt.
  2. Cooperate with the authorities who come to the scene.
  3. Take reasonable steps to protect your vehicle from another loss. Consider moving it out of the flow of traffic.
  4. Try to record everything on the scene. Your notes should include details of the accident, identification of the autos and people involved, and the names and badge numbers of all emergency personnel. Take pictures if possible.
  5. Insist on breath tests if you suspect drugs or alcohol are involved.
  6. Do not accept money. Do not accept fault. Do not agree to forget about the auto accident.
  7. Get copies of all police reports.
  8. Have the insurance company inspect and appraise the damage before any steps are taken to repair it.
  9. Cooperate with the auto insurance carrier representative in the investigation, defense or settlement.
  10. Send your car insurance carrier copies of any notice or legal papers received in connection with the accident as soon as possible. Make sure you keep the originals.
  11. If you are injured, submit to physical examinations by physicians selected by the insurance carrier as often as they reasonably require. (The insurance carrier pays the cost of these examinations.)
  12. Give your authorization for the insurance carrier to obtain medical reports and other pertinent records.
  13. File a claim.
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Filing an Insurance Claim

Before You File a Claim

Be sure you know the answers to these questions before you have to file a claim:

When You File a Claim

If your car is involved in an accident, if it is damaged by fire, flood or vandalism, or if it is stolen, here are the steps to filing an insurance claim: Do it as soon as possible, even if you're far from home and even if someone else caused the accident. Ask your company how to proceed and what forms or documents will be needed to support your claim, such as medical and auto repair bills and a copy of the police report. Normally, written notice of the accident or loss must be given to your insurance company as soon as it is reasonably possible. The notice should have: Cooperate with your insurance company in its investigation, settlement or defense of any claim, and turn over to the company immediately copies of any legal papers you receive in connection with your loss. Make sure you keep the originals. Your insurer will represent you if a claim is brought against you and attempt to resolve that claim or defend you if you're sued according to the terms and conditions of your policy. Expenses you incur as a result of an automobile accident may be reimbursed under your policy. For example, a no-fault insurance policy will usually pay your medical expenses and possibly other costs such as lost wages or at least part of your costs if you have to hire a temporary housekeeper.

Store copies of all your paperwork in your own files. You may need to refer to it later.

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